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Customized Urn Painting

The heart's Urn Painting

Urn Painting. An italian quality product

The wood is treated with natural oils which provide resistance to atmospheric agents, brightness and a delicate scent. The painting total weight is of ca. 3kg. The Urn Painting comes provided with n° 2 extra resistant sacks with airtight seal for the ashes, n° 2 screws with wall plugs for the wall posting along with a 'guarantee seal' for those who would wish to locate a seal on the closing.
Our Urn Painting, are handmade products according to our client's instructions. The final urn dimensions are as follows: Lenght 60.5 cm x width 50 cm depth 5.5 cm. The compartment assigned to the ashes it is made in solid wood and has a capacity of ca. 4.6 litres. The Urn could be hung both vertically or horizontally.
Picture of a Classic picture urn hanging on the wall.
Picture of an open square urn containing ashes and memories.

... a time travel

In our Urn Painting, thanks to the characteristic booklike opening and the spacious compartment reserved for the ashes( ca. 4,6 lt.) whomever would wish it, could add some pictures, a writing and small objects, such as glasses or an usb key, where, perhaps, the favourite songs of he who has departed, are saved. Hence creating a touching temporal window on our and their time.

Customizable Urn Painting Made in Italy

Digital processing

Our graphic team, will take care of your dearest pictures.

Printing on canvas

The printing is of your choice, to best commemorate your dear one.

Wood engraving

Commemorative laser incision. A phrase to describe a life.

Classic or modern frame

The frames are set up in accord to your own taste, wide range of colours.

Coco Biological Urn - sea

Coco Biological Urn

to reborn in the nature


With the purchasing of a Urn Painting or a Biological one we help the research.

We will donate € 5 to help those who remain, for a better life free of cancer.

Google Review

Abbiamo scelto una soluzione diversa da quello che ci avevano proposto. Siamo felici di aver scelto di acquistare una urna biologica. Ora nostro padre riposa in un bosco ai piedi delle sue adorate montagne. Nei w end andiamo con i suoi adorati nipoti a trovarlo ed è sempre bello passeggiare e nel contempo ricordarlo insieme. Voglio ringraziare con questo feed back i ragazzi di Aeterna Memoria per il tatto che hanno dimostrato. GRAZIE

Pizzico Elisa Avatar Pizzico Elisa
February 6, 2022