cornice classica o moderna

The Classic frame

The frames are manufactured in Italy and assembled by expert and skilled hands. The wide range of colours' choice allows to satisfy every taste.




All the materials used by are made in Italy.
Put together by professional craftmen and refined with care.

The classic frames can be chosen in different colours:
gold – silver – green – red – gray – brown.

The portrait is a particular procedure to transform a regular picture into a painting.
Drawn by pen or watercolour? To you the choice.

Total Gold
Total Silver

Frame Square Novelty

Squared frame Square

To whom might want a frame with a modern profile, they could choose a urn painting square model.
Available in shiny white or black finishing.
The measurements of this painting are as follows:
Lenght 47 cm x width 47 cm depth 6 cm.
The painting total weight is of ca. 3 kg.
The Urn Painting comes provided with n° 2 extra resistant sacks with airtight seal for the ashes, n° 2 screws with wall plugs for the wall posting along with a ‘guarantee seal’ for those who would wish to locate a seal on the closing.
The compartment assigned to the ashes has a capacity of ca. 4.7 litres.