Our History

The tale of how the decision of producing urns as an alternative to the common cemetery's burial was taken.

Good morning to you,

if you are here is because yo are living or you have lived a very sad moment.
The loss of a dear one is a forced upon phase which, unfortunately, sooner or later, everyone must cope with.
My father passed away in december 2019 and like everybody else, I had to take care of the burocratic and all other procedures.
My father wished to be cremated and buried with his mother in a cemetery close to the residential town.
Being the burial recess already owned, I didn’t expect to be facing a high price, as a consequence. unexpectedly, instead, I found out that to bury my father, I would have spent more than € 3.000 just for taxes, let alone the procedure’s opening fee and other additional expenses, for a total of ca. $ 5.000.
Horrified by the requested sum, I found myself in need of looking for an alternative solution.
Hence the idea to create an urn painting that would have been rather symbolic.
My father was a mountain lover, so I came up with a painting with the colour dearest to him, red and a Rose Mountain’s (Monte Rosa) picture.
Eventually, in the urn I decided to insert a writing at his memory and a few images of our family.
In that way, we tried, along with my wife Olimpia, to create a memory which is always with us in a discreet way and that, one day, will be a temporal divide of this odd world, which is that of our present time.

Giovanni son of Romolo.